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Bob has worked in a Management Consulting role for over 25 years with over 60 major organizations and hundreds of leaders engaged in addressing their management, leadership and organizational challenges. He specializes in training and development, recruitment and selection, culture, change management, team building, interpersonal skills, conflict and performance management, strength based approaches, union and management relations and process review. Together with continuous focus on improving efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.


Bob has been a successful business partner, and owner for over 15 years, with Clarity Development Consulting Inc.

As a management consultant, Bob ascribes to the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada) competency framework, and covers these key areas:
  • Helping clients assess their business situation, challenges and opportunities
  • Assisting to develop strategies for improvement
  • Supporting clients to implement a recommendation(s)
  • Conducting a consulting assignment
  • Establishing interpersonal and personal competencies
  • Demonstrating ethical behaviour and functional competence
  • Building management breadth
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